My Passions
I love to share my knowledge, experience and share ideas. 

I lecture across UK and US
I am a regular lecturer for the College of Naturopathic Medicine CNM in the UK. I have also lectured at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition ION, Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle management CNELM, and at the leading naturopathic college in Italy.

My own self 'experiementation' with an adpated ketogenic diet has lead me to question and re-visit many 'established' nutritional principles. 

I have personally experienced, and witnessed in many of my clients, tremendous benefits in reducing blood glucose levels through using a combination of a ketogenic diet with time restricted feeding. 

Tracking and monitoring a range of variables has enabled me to understand the true impact of my environment on my performance, both at work as well as in sports.

I regularly track:
Blood glucose
Heart rate variability (HRV)
Stress levels 

Have a look at my post for a little more details